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This is how I felt about the exploding vegetables. And how I’m unable to cook dinner. And how I suck as a wife. Because….I can’t steam vegetables. 

I’d really like a Pike….

One of my RP friends keeps bringing him up and it’s made me really want one for my Buffy. She’s recently moved to LA (about a year back, she’s AU, instead of being 31, she’s 26, so it isn’t exactly current day) and I’ll give all her details to whoever is interested because I don’t want to give out my SL to the public. It’s already been stolen twice. Feel free to message me here on tumblr, or contact my twitter @sunnydale_blond REBLOG TO YOUR FRIENDS! =]

I’m still thinking about a face claim for him. I really love Luke Perry…but…I think he’s a bit old for it now which is a pitty. But if you have any ideas, feel free to speak up!

I normally don’t do this, but it needs to be done.

There are certain things in role play that you DON’T do. One of the big ones? STEALING SOMEONE’S STORYLINE. I know of two separate groups right now that are using MY IDEAS and I don’t appreciate it very much. One of them needs to get over the fact that they’re a shit RPer and go get a job because they’re too old to be playing pretend. (btw, I hope you see this and send your croonies after me because I’m just oh so scared of someone on the internet) The other just needs to come up with their own shit instead of stealing from me because I decided I didn’t want to play with them anymore. Actually, I decided BOTH times I didn’t want to play with BOTH of them anymore, and they chose to be retarded.

I left the group I was in before because of lies and immaturity. I’m sorry that something Buffy did pissed you off, but it was in character, and it shouldn’t matter to YOU as the WRITER what the fuck even happens in RP because it’s FAKE. But then again, you don’t seem to understand that there is a line dividing real life and fake life since it’s all you ever do. Should I mention the fact that there are only really point two people even in your group now since you RP EVERY character? I left because you’re immature and you continue to show this A YEAR LATER by using an element of my storyline that doesnt even exist anymore! When someone LEAVES a group, you dont continue with THEIR stuff. I hope everyone you’ve befriended realizes what a psycho you are and comes to me like one other did recently and tells me that I was right about everything. Better yet, I hope you grow the fuck up and act your age and get off the internet. YOU’RE MY MOTHERS AGE!

As for the other group, get your own shit and come up with your own ideas.

If I catch ANYONE else stealing from me or my friends, it will be hell, I can promise you that. We work hard on what we do, and we’re not ABOUT to be thieved from.

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OOC: A little message from my human.

I will start off by saying that roleplay is fake. Roleplay is not meant to be real or taken seriously. IT IS FAKE. Sure, in roleplay you can do whatever you want, but some things are NOT acceptable and a certain level of maturity is required and there is a right way to go about it if you’re going to do it properly. I’ve come in contact with more people this year than I have in my whole ten years of roleplay that have seriously made me question why I even do this and put up with it. I have my reasons and I won’t discuss them here, but just know that NOTHING you or anyone can do will ruin my FUN.

I’m over people being bitches just because they think they can and I’m done with dealing with those elitists who only make themselves looks like total noobs with the way they act. No one here is better than anyone else. No one here owns anything. No one here in in charge of anyone else. It disgusts me to know that there are people out there who are so judgmental that they will go as far as spreading lies and turn against someone just for the character they play, for something a character did that the opposites human didn’t like or for some other stupid reason. If you don’t like something I do, then tell me. If you don’t like something BUFFY does, get over it or have YOUR CHARACTER address it. Don’t jump all over the place and act like a retard because in the end you’re only making yourself look bad.

Something else that really bugs me is when you have a spat with one person and then suddenly your whole group is hated and talked about. You have a problem with me, that’s whatever. I don’t know you and I never will. It’s no skin off my back, but to hate on my friends just because you’re mad at me is not only stupid, but it’s also immature. It’s an elementary school tactic and again, only makes you look bad.

To address everything else in a nutshell, I’ll just make a list here. Trying to steal other members when they’re already a part of a group is ridiculous. If you’re so desperate for power, go spread more lies and try to make people love you because they probably will until they find out the truth. To steal parts of someone else’s storyline, or to keep going with parts of a storyline that belonged to someone who left a group is also wrong. Why would you keep going with someone if the person who created the idea is no longer a part of it? Lastly but most certainly not least until I add more when I can be more structured, when you bring your OOC shit into RP, it makes people annoyed. No one cares about your real life unless you’re talking out of character. Don’t ruin a canon character with your real problems. Don’t whine and bitch IN character about things that happen to you in real life. It doesn’t make sense to even bring your real problems into rp because the last time I checked, in my case anyway, I thought part of the purpose of roleplay was to ESCAPE real life, not live it. You want to play out your life, stop playing pretend and go fix your issues. Go make real friends and stop relying on people you don’t even know. They won’t be there forever. Don’t make something fake your entire life because that just makes you look way pathetic. You might as well be Barbie’s new best friend because acting like that, living like that, it not only makes your life fake, it makes you fake.

Role play is meant to be fun and I’m tired of stupid people and mean people trying to ruin it for others just because they’re insecure about something that happened to them.

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It’s all gone….

It’s dark here. It’s cold and quiet. I can’t hear a thing because of the loud silence screaming in my ears. Faces are blurred and names escape my memory. I don’t want to remember. I want nothing. I deserve nothing. I failed her.

It’s empty in here. Faith is here with me; she’s holding my hand, but my can’t feel her. I can’t feel a goddamn thing. It stings. I can’t feel her anymore. She’s not there. I don’t even remember what it felt like anymore. I can’t feel a goddamn thing.

This silence is so loud. The darkness hurts my eyes and I still feel tied down to that bed. I remember the blurred faces of the men who took my life away. They were cold and heartless. They smiled at me as they ripped her away. It hurt so bad. It hurt worse than every single bolt of electricity that ran through my body the night I ended my own life.

They didn’t even let me hold her.

She was crying for me. I know she was. She was crying for me and I couldn’t help her. I was crying for her and she was gone. I can hear her screaming. It’s ripping at my brain, tearing me apart. Her screams hurt worse than that electricity.

Maybe mom and dad were right. Maybe none of this is real. Maybe I’m still in that hospital and the last ten years never happened. Maybe I’m not real. Maybe I’ve lost my mind. Maybe I’m gone.

I want my mom. I want her to hold me and tell me it’s okay. I want her to rock me and let me cry the way I should be doing with her.. She was crying for me and I couldn’t tell her it’s going to be okay.

I can’t hear her crying anymore…. Why can’t I hear her crying anymore!? Where did they take her!? Where did they take my baby!?

Oh my god.

She’s gone…—-she’s gone..